Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Defcon 21 quals - blackbox write-up

It was DEFCON 21 quals last week-end, with new organizers. It went well, good organization and good challenges. If you're curious about the results, here is a fancy top15 graph. Apparently it was too easy for PPP who finished all of the challenges... insane! :)

There were 5 categories:
  • 3dub: web-based challenges
  • 0x41414141: exploitation
  • \xff\xe4\xcc: shellcode
  • OMGACM: guerilla programming
  • gnireenigne: reverse engineering
I liked the exploitation ones with ARM under Linux/FreeBSD. Reverse was nice, shellcoding interesting but some painful, web was way too easy and OMGACM just annoying.
If you want to have a look, @JonathanSalwan saved some of the binaries on his repo.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Golang heap corruption during garbage collection

I've been playing with Go recently, it's an interesting programming language (I recommend the tour).

It is compiled, garbage-collected and memory safe.. as long as you don't find a bug in the runtime. Alex Reece (@awreece) from PPP recently blogged about a nice vulnerability, I found it interesting and started following more of the changes.

This one looked fun: runtime: fix heap corruption during GC (#5554), let's try to exploit it. The bug was not present in Go 1.0.3, present in Go 1.1 but will be fixed in Go 1.1.1 (to be released next week).