Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Free secondary DNS services

If you run an authoritative DNS server and serve your own zones you may know about the need to have decent secondary DNS servers, or "slaves", to back you up. I recently changed mine, followed recommendations by Frankb's page and found new ones.

August 2019 update: so far these are great, so passing the word.
  • simple, IPv4+IPv6, supports DNSSEC, 1 location; fairly quick to update usually, but had troubles recently (2019-08) so I removed it
  • simple, IPv4, supports DNSSEC, 1 location; a bit slow to update, sometimes times out, but otherwise stable for years
  • BuddyNS: fancy, but DNSSEC support is not free, so no
  • 1984hosting: simple, IPv4+IPv6, supports DNSSEC, 3 NS; new one I'm trying, so far so good, fast to update


  1. you forgot 2 services, used by good and (mainly) bad guys : - free dns service in Ukraine, - free dns service in Ukraine, Germany and US.

  2. I'm using to back-up my zoneedit DNS service, which is plagued by DOS attacks. seems to work fine.

  3. Give a try to recently strated

  4. I have used puck for a couple of years with no problems but they seem to be plagued by downages lately and sometimes are off line for long periods. Too bad. It might be a good thing to look at the origin of the servers for Buddyns... India and the notorious Hezner network in Germany who are one of the most spam/hack plagued networks on the planet, so much so that I have blocked their entire set of IP blocks until further notice. Just sayin.

  5. Sadly RollerNetwork went paid-only, removed from the list.

    @Dmitry: do you know if system-ns supports DNSSEC? I couldn't find any mention on the site.

  6. I'm having troubles with not syncing for a few days, so I looked for a new free secondary dns service, discovered they seem great! Simple, IPv4+IPv6, dnssec, quick updates, 3x NS.