Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SSH/HTTP(S) multiplexing with sshttp

Sebastian Krahmer (@steaIth, c-skills) made and released a nice SSH/HTTP(S) multiplexer: sshttp. Such a program is needed when you want to share your HTTP (or HTTPS) port with SSH to be able to use SSH when behind a network that only allows outbound connections to HTTP (or HTTPS) and does not bother to do protocol inspection. Learn more by reading the readme.

I was previously using sslh but sshttp has a killer feature: it uses Linux IP_TRANSPARENT feature with netfilter trickery (marking + specific routing table) to pass the original IP to destination (sshd or httpd) which means your logs still show original IP (and not Since it's a great program, not necessarily easy to set up (not yet? packaged), in this post I'm sharing my setup.