Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Defcon 18 CTF quals writeups and scoreboard

This week-end was Defcon #18 CTF quals, I played with Nibbles and we managed to get #10! Congrats everyone, and thank you DDTEK, it was an awesome experience.

There are already many great writeups on the challenges available on the internet, if you want links check out my friend @Ivanlef0u he tweets them all. Update: all links are now also on defcon's CTF archive page.

In the following posts I'll give my own writeups, the challenges files being available here.

By the way, the scoreboard was a java applet connecting to DDTEK with some custom SSL. I was sad that no full scoreboard was made public by DDTEK, so at the beginning of the CTF - while waiting for new challenges to open - I decompiled the java applet, and modified it in order to get the scoreboard (only top15 available) regularily and archived all the different scoreboards over time. After extracting the scores, it allowed me to create a top15 graph using flot just like shallweplayaga.me did. The scoreboard archive is here if you want to make your own graphs or else.


  1. Very cool, glad our graph served as inspiration. Archiving off the scores was a great idea.

  2. Thank you. I really liked your website with the prompt thing :)