Monday, May 17, 2010

Small OpenVZ admin and backup scripts

I am now using OpenVZ for a while, and by the time I created very small scripts to make my sysadmin life easier.

Update 2013-01-14: as this evolve, I put them on github: StalkR/misc/openvz.

Update 2010-06-10: new scripts and updated some of them. Instead of embedding them in the post, scripts are available here.

You'll find:
  • vz* for OpenVZ, there are many but my favourite is vzl (a nice vzlist)
  • backup-all, to do backups using vzdump (with a powerful backup exclude system), send them to FTP, nice summary output
  • backup-purge, to purge old and no longer valid backups on FTP
  • ftpbackup*, for all FTP backup stuff using lftp: send files, get disk usage, shortcut to send FTP commands

I have put these scripts in /usr/local/sbin and find them useful. Note that many of these scripts depends on others to work properly.

If you like them too, help yourself!


  1. thx for the script, i've done one change in the vzresolvename. I want to be able to use indifferently CTID or NAME to enter my ve (sometimes i do better remember of CTID)
    there my changes to vzresolvename :
    # Get container id by container name, if it's Hardware Node reply id 0
    [ "$(hostname -s)" == "$1" ] && echo 0 && exit
    if [ `grep -H 'NAME="'$1'"' /etc/vz/conf/*.conf; echo $?` == 0 ]
    grep -H 'NAME="'$1'"' /etc/vz/conf/*.conf | cut -d: -f1 | sed 's,/etc/vz/conf/\([0-9]*\)\.conf,\1,'
    ls /etc/vz/conf/*.conf | grep $1 | sed 's,/etc/vz/conf/\([0-9]*\)\.conf,\1,'

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad to see it helped someone else, that you modified to fit your needs, and shared back :)

  3. Thank you very much, so I hadn't to write it by my own :)