Friday, May 14, 2010

OpenVZ 2.6.32, soon Proxmox kernel 2.6.32 with KVM & OpenVZ

This is great, I just discovered that OpenVZ has a 2.6.32 branch: kernel 2.6.32-avdeyev.1 is available. As you may now, 2.6.32 will be a major kernel version (like 2.6.18 was) for important distributions such as RedHat 6, Debian squeeze, etc. By the way, squeeze should be released as Debian stable this year.

A good consequence is that Proxmox Kernel 2.6.32 which currently has only KVM will also support OpenVZ, so no longer need to stick with the old 2.6.18. They did not announced a release date for now, but it should come this year too.


  1. Just tried OpenVZ 2.6.32 kernel and... serious bug when a container uses tun device :(
    While I'm waiting for next version;a=summary I went back to 2.6.27 which works fine.

  2. fixed! commit;a=commit;h=1c4eba47b2d5d3d26c186485de8adf8ef293ebb5 and v2.6.32-balandin.1 released.
    No wikipage available yet but should be soon.

  3. Used 2.6.32 openvz kernel for some time, but in about 1 week it suddenly crashes on i/o and I have to do a hard reset :( Happened 3 times, did not find the cause. Went back to 2.6.27, much more stable.